Troi is a multi-award-winning provider of project management software for companies of all sizes. In this interview, Thomas Dierberger explains what makes the close partnership that Troi has developed with the agency exceptional.

Thomas Dierberger, CEO, Troi
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Thomas Dierberger has been CEO of Troi for ten years.

How would you describe the beginnings of your partnership with Martin et Karczinski?

When we started out, Troi was still in its infancy: the software was the subject of Peter Martin’s thesis – and everyone concerned saw enormous potential in the business model. The age of the internet was just dawning – it was an extremely exciting time. My collaboration with Martin et Karczinski was originally planned as a three-month interim project. Three months has now turned into 14 years – I think that says it all.

What distinguishes the agency in your view?

Martin et Karczinski always operates at a very high level with respect to brand consultancy and design. But what really makes the agency unique is the energy that dominates there. The company’s enormously positive focus is the binding element between the client and the agency. The people there are not just excellent colleagues, they are true personalities too. They help to ensure that Martin et Karczinski not only communicates brands externally, but lives by them as well.

Is there anything that you personally have learned from Martin et Karczinski?

Plenty! For example, I have learned that good design is essential for sales. And behind good design is a company’s attitude: the way people interact with one another, a positive appearance, palpable energy which comes from the people. All this influences not just the product concerned, but also the attitude of every single employee and thus the success of the entire company.