In this interview, Bernhard Schöner, Marketing Manager with the refrigeration and heating specialists DAIKIN, talks about the opportunities and challenges in implementing company-wide values and structures.

Bernhard Schöner, Marketing Manager, DAIKIN
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Bernhard Schöner worked as a consultant and agency director before taking up the position of Marketing Manager at DAIKIN in Munich.

What task did you approach Martin et Karczinski with?

Initially, we needed to position DAIKIN Germany as a new brand in the field of air and water heat pumps in Germany and Europe. We knew about Martin et Karczinski within the company because of the Occhio testimonial. The initial positive impression was intensified for me personally when I entered the agency for the first time. My feeling that this is an outstanding high-end supplier was only confirmed as we moved forward.

What differentiates Martin et Karczinski from other agencies?

Mr Karczinski’s willingness and approach to understanding complex subjects exceeds standard promotional tools. During the two to three year workshop process on organisational development, the results of which the entire German management of DAIKIN was ultimately behind, the chemistry was right – because it was led well from a psychological perspective too.

How do you feel about the outcomes now – for example the ›Leading Air‹ claim?

We have been drawing on the outcomes of our workshops across divisions for years when we want to define the DAIKIN brands and its target audience precisely.

How did you implement the values you developed within Daikin?

In an engineering-led organisation, you have some convincing to do to make sure the brand work is not seen as a ›fair weather project‹. In an age when different providers’ technology is becoming increasingly similar and with it more interchangeable, it is even more important to clearly differentiate your brand from the competition – which we were fortunately able to do.