Creative Director
Marcus Kruse

»We work our way into the very core of the brand.«

Marcus-Florian Kruse, Creative Director

»It might look playfully effortless to the outside world, but it’s  usually the result of a comprehensive conceptual process. One example of this was my thesis, the ›Quadris‹ strategy game. At first glance: a reduced black and white game board arranged in geometric squares, packed in a high quality wooden box. But what preceded the design was months of conceptualising, day and night shifts spent on the build, structure and rulebook. The aim of the game was to build tactically clever bridges and streets on the board in order to reach the goal. This method is very similar to my current role as Creative Director at Martin et Karczinski. We work our way into the very core of the brand so that we can lay the cornerstone for every creative process and design with well-founded analyses and properly thought-out strategies – clear communication strategies with substance. For this reason my job brings me ›Proof of Concept‹ every day – the evidence that only a cohesive concept results in the best design.«