Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Klaus Kallenbrunnen

»To implement identity based, digital excellence we take the role of analysts, the driving force, companion of the organization, educators, connectionists, designers and visionaries. We help generate and use synergies between established models and digital trends because…«

Klaus Kallenbrunnen, Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

»…the digital transformation doesn’t only change our surroundings and our behavior, but also our sense of entitlement. With our guiding principle ›holistic mind will change the world‹, we support brands in developing and following new, innovative and integrative ways in between physical and digital visibility, and help thoroughly anchor the digitization within the organization. With the fundamental principle ›everyday evolution‹, we enable our clients to question the state of their value chain and touch points along the customer journey every day and improve them lastingly. By superimposing design, technology and business models, we conceive performance oriented experiences that are characterized by resilience and follow the brand’s identity.«