Director Consulting
Johannes Kemnitzer

»What impressed me with Martin et Karczinski is that everything is possible. Visions become reality.«

Johannes Kemnitzer, Director Consulting

»I studied Islamic Studies and Bavarian Cultural History. Only: it was actually communication design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and at Concordia University in Montreal. The subject of design gripped me from my first internship in an agency, and has never let me go. I have also done a lot of freelance work, even while I was studying. When I graduated, I already had solid basic knowledge. But I still wanted to develop further, I wanted to learn. So I started work at Martin et Karczinski. It was a big step in the beginning: from my first day in the agency, I felt I had transferred from the third division to the premier league. I was impressed that everything is always possible. It doesn’t stop at fine speeches. Visions become reality. For example at the beginning, I thought it was a joke when Peter Martin asked me to organise a hare and several hens for a photo shoot at our client Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf’s exhibition stand. Several phone calls to a number of animal agencies and a few crippling debates about the prohibition on night work for hens later, and the company’s owner Roland Hasenkopf jumped in his high-speed M6. His passenger was his neighbour’s hare. He drove it to the trade fair himself to be photographed with the animal in front of a giant egg. In the beginning, events like this still seemed strange to me. Today, I know how important it is, as a Strategy Director, not just to have unusual ideas – but also to have clients with the courage to carry them off and implement them. The important thing is that imagination has to serve the client. Our job is to do the branding work and act as a tool. Recognition and success that are expressed in design awards are all well and good. But return on sales, and the recognition of your colleagues in the company, are far more important. Free reign to think is also a thing in my life away from Martin et Karczinski – only yesterday I built a house with a shower for a cat and a frog. Of course this house also has a bench for a bear that is watching the frog while it’s showering , and a horse that can observe the other animals from its stable. My five-year-old daughter is the construction client for this project. It is generally more intangible values such as solidarity and imagination that define life. I see working in an agency that sees things in a really similar way as enrichment.«