»A book with the power to change attitudes. The interviews with leading personalities offer in-depth insights. The incredibly concise language is one of fascinations of the book. Another fascination - and it’s what differentiates this book from ordinary brand books – is the focus on underlying issues. Fantastic that these authors have successfully brought all this together in this work.« (review on Amazon)


The book ›Branding Interface – Gespräche über Markenkommunikation von morgen‹ (Branding Interface – conversations about brand communication of tomorrow – available only in German) – a series of portraits that serves as a manual on strategic brand building - is based on a series of amazing interviews in the design magazine ›Novum‹.

What makes brands successful? As part of their ›Branding Interface‹ research project, Peter Martin and Daniel Karczinski interviewed the makers, shakers and managers behind brands such as Porsche, Deutsche Bank, Audi and Vitra.

The book was referred to in the media as a »very important inventory of corporate identity development in the German-speaking region«. The content covers brand management, corporate identity and corporate design. A ›brand audit‹ that reviews brand strategies completes this comprehensive work.

Peter Martin and Daniel Karczinski spent more than two years talking to designers and brands managers about the secret of successful brands. The result: interviews that reflect as individually as they do critically on the subject of brand communication. Further, ›Branding Interface‹ offers a portrait of the people behind such famous brands as BMW, Audi, Vitra and Deutsche Bahn.

›Branding Interface – conversations about brand communication of tomorrow‹
Peter Martin, Daniel Karczinski
440 pages,
Format 23.5 x 28.5 cm,
Hardcover in a protective box,
Around 1,300 colour illustrations,
Photos: Frank Widemann, Antje Stumpe
ISBN 3-8307-1290-1 128– EURO [D] / 202– SFR
Find out more at: www.brandinginterface.de